21 years of involvement in the Ecumenical Service at the Aussies.

This year was Life Saving Chaplaincy Australia’s 21st year of involvement in the Ecumenical service at the Aussies. The service held on the Sunday morning of the last day of competition was 1st introduced back in the early eighties by Phil McGibbon.

This year’s service was hosted by Phil McGibbon, SLSA Life Member and Aussies announcer, with the opening prayer read by Cronulla SLSC Chaplain, Rich Wenden. Local singer, Lachlan Baker and Ann Donnelly-Marshall, President of Mermaid Beach AEME SLSC, singing the opening song, “The Prayer”. Davina Strauss, LSCA Ambassador, and Eloura SLSC member was interviewed by Phil McGibbon about her role as a coach and competiting at this years Aussies.


LSCA’s National Ministry Coordinator, Russ Harmon spoke from Johns Gospel, 13:12-17 Jesus washing the feet of his disciples and related that to the service of Life Savers on the Beach. Lachlan Baker then sang “Were you there when they Crucified My Lord”. Mark Fife OAM, SLSQ President read the Life Savers Prayer. Graham Ford AM, SLSA and International Life Saving Federation President, thanked all involved with the service and presented each participant with the new edition of the Life Saving Bible. He concluded with how he also still serves the community by patrolling at his own club.


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