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We try to answer all your LSCA questions here. Please contact us if you can’t find an answer to your inquiry.


Who is Life Saving Chaplaincy Australia (LSCA) ?

Life Saving Chaplaincy is a “Pastoral Care” service offered to Life Saving Clubs through out Australia, administered by a volunteer Chaplain.

Who is Sports Chaplaincy Australia (SCA) ?

Sports Chaplaincy Australia is the leading recognised body providing chaplains to high-performance, development and local sports throughout Australia since 1984.

What is Life Saving Chaplaincy Australia's relationship with Sport Chaplaincy Australia ?

Life Saving Chaplaincy Australia is a Major Umbrella Sports Council (MUSC) of Sports Chaplaincy Australia.

Where can I find out more information on SCA ?

To find out more information about SCA, go to

Can anyone be a Chaplain ?

A Chaplain must be a committed Christian attending a local church.

Where are LSCA Chaplains Serving ?

Our Chaplains server in both Surf Life Saving Club and Royal Life Saving Clubs around Australia. To view where our current Chaplains are serving, click here…

How can I support LSCA ?

Through financial support. Donations can be made to……. Also prayer support is greatly appreciated.

Are donations tax deductible ?

Yes. All donations over $2 are tax deducible. ………………………..


How can we register our interest in finding a volunteer Chaplain ?

You can contact our National Ministry Coordinator, Ps. Russ Harmon by completing the Expression of Interest for Clubs form.

Where can I find the LSC Chaplaincy Values and Agreement of Conditions ?

Our Values and Agreement of Conditions can be found on our website. Click here…

My club is worried about a "faith" person helping around our club. Is it necessary?

Chaplains are not there to push religion, but are there to demonstrate Gods “unconditional love and mercy” regardless of their beliefs.

What if we have found someone who would like to be a Chaplain ?

If the person is interested in being your club Chaplain, please get them to complete the Become a Chaplain form and our National Ministry Coordinator will be in contact with them.

How do we get involved in the LSCA program and discuss getting a Chapain ?

If you complete our Expression of Interest for Club form, Our National Ministry Coordinator, Russ Harmon will contact you.


How can I become a Chaplain ?

To become a club Chaplain you must be a volunteer member of the club you wish to serve. You must also have a Working With Children Check, for your state and complete a Level 2 Certificate in Sports Chaplaincy. The club will always have final say as to the Chaplain that is presented.
If you wish to find out more, please complete the Become a Chaplain form.

Is accreditation necessary ?

Yes you must complete the Level 2 Certificate in Sports Chaplaincy within 1 year of being appointed the club Chaplain.

How can I get accredited ?

To register for the Level 2 Certificate in Sports Chaplaincy, visit the SCA website, Sports Chaplaincy Training. Click, Register Online and then choose the date and location that best suits you.

I am already a local church Pastor, do I still need to do the Level 2 Certificate of Sport Chaplaincy ?

Yes. Whilst we recognise prior learning, the SCA course addresses the specific differences and needs encountered in Sports Chaplaincy.


How do I make a donation ?

You can make a donation by direct deposit in to our bank account:
Name: Sports Chaplaincy Australia Inc.
BSB: 033009
ACC: 631643

All donations over $2 are tax deductible. Please email, with the amount and details for the tax-deductible receipt.

How else can I help?

Your prayers for LSCA and support of our Chaplains are always appreciated. By supporting our events, which you can find on the Events tab is another way to support LSCA.