Considering the extremes of emotions and situations in which Life Savers may find themselves, we believe that we have been led by God to co-ordinate a chaplaincy service to staff, members, family and friends of Life Saving Clubs.


We offer to staff, members and families of Life Saving community, friendship, a listening ear and assistance with spiritual guidance.


In appointing a chaplain to a club we seek to meet the individual and collective pastoral needs of the Club members, their family and friends.


Chaplains are appointed by LSC at the request of the club. LSC may initiate the discussion. Where possible, chaplains will be selected from supportive local churches.


We seek people who would act in a voluntary capacity with their support for expenses generated from donations.


We are members of a variety of denominations and fellowships. We are open to all people who meet our standard of qualification, personally agree with SCA’s statement of faith and want to work with us to provide a caring service.


In summary, we partner with local Life Saving Clubs and local faith communities in the appointment of our chaplains. Chaplains are trained and accredited chaplains with SCA. They volunteer their services to the clubs. We emphasize practical training in the basics of the Christian faith.

Incumbents agree to the following conditions and standards associated with serving as a chaplain in Australian Life Saving

  • To serve as a chaplain for a minimum of three years or unless otherwise instructed by the LSCA Council or the particular Life Saving club they serve
  • To become a member of the Life Saving Club they wish to serve and obtain from the club a Working with Children Blue Card or Working With Children Check
  • To be accredited with Sports Chaplaincy Australia for the full duration of their role as a Life Saving Chaplain
  • To undergo the three day intensive chaplaincy training course with Sports Chaplaincy Australia within one year of being appointed to a Life Saving Club as chaplain
  • To be actively involved in club activities, where physically able, thereby becoming an active part of the club community
  • To show due respect to each members persuasion of faith or beliefs, and encourage members to continue attending their own church unless they wish to do otherwise
  • To be available to speak to any members wishing to speak about spiritual issues
  • To exercise confidentiality of members at all times
  • To always show unbiased care and attention without discrimination toward all members
  • To always serve as a volunteer within the club and adhere to the club’s Code of Conduct


If you wish to find out more about how you can become a Chaplain, please complete the Chaplain Expression of Interest Form