LSCA is pleased to be joining Make the Minuet Matter to help raise awareness of Drowning Prevention. Along with the WHO, USLA, RLSS UK, Irish Water Safety, Lifesaving South Africa, Sobrasa (Brazil), Sossegovia (Spain), Hellenic Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (Greece), River and Sea Sense (Wales), RNLI, Face in Water (U.S.), Colin’s Hope (U.S.) and FCB Health, on Wednesday, June 27 we are going to try to make #ripcurrents a trending topic on social media to help with raising awareness of this important topic.

We are asking everyone to please post on all their social media, for today 27 June 2018 information about rips and add #ripcurrents 

For information on what to post, go to http://www.nationalgeographic.com.au/tv/rip-current-heroes/ or go to our LSCA Facebook page and share our post.


LSCA Admin

LSCA Admin


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