SLS State CEO’s all in favour of Chaplains in lifesaving clubs

On Friady the 23 August, Russ Harmon, National Ministry Coordinator for Life Saving Chaplaincy Australia (LSCA) was intived by Adam Weir, COO of SLSA to speak at the meeting of the state CEO’s in Bondi, NSW.

L-R Marty Nezval, Steve Pearce NSW, Russ Harmon, Tony van den Enden TAS, Damien Marangon SA, James O’Toole WA, Samantha Farrow NT and Adam Weir SLSA. Nigel Taylor left early.

Russ shared the story of LSCA, and the pratical benefits clubs with Chaplains have been experiencing. All the CEO’s present were in favour of our vision of having a volunteer Chaplain in every lifesaving club, supporting and caring for their members. Bondi Surf Bathers Life Saving Club, Chaplain, Marty Nezval, was also there to share his experience as the Chaplain with his club.

Each state CEO requested the list of Chaplains that are currently serving in their state and will work with clubs to see this number grow.

LSCA Admin

LSCA Admin


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