Dave Thompson


Dave Thompson has been a member of Ocean Beach SLSC, NSW for 40 years. Over that time he has held many board and executive positions, in not only his club but with SLSNSW, SLSA and International Lifesaving. He is a life member of Ocean Beach SLSC, SLS Central Coast NSW, SLSNSW and SLSA. He is also an ILS Grand Knight in the Order of International Lifesaving. He has been the Event Director for the World Lifesaving Championships since 2000, only missing out in 2002 and is currently the ISL Sport Commissioner.

“ For many years I have watched the Life Saving Chaplaincy commence with a few dedicated Chaplains to then expand into the well respected organisation it is today. Life Saving Chaplaincy continues to provide guidance and support to all members, family and supporters of Lifesaving and International Lifesaving. I am proud to join the team as an ambassador and to promote and advocate the values and the services the Chaplaincy provides to Lifesaving and International Lifesaving”