You can empower lifesavers to perform at the next level

Because, when you invest in complete athletes at all levels, across all areas of lifesaving, the result is a new level of performance, on and off the beach.

Becoming an SCA chaplain could take you to all kinds of places. both nationally and internationally. Others serve as chaplains to the office staff in state lifesaving headquarters.

You can provide pastoral care to one of hundreds of clubs waiting for their chaplain

Lifesaving clubs face all sorts of challenges: mental health issues, suicide, isolation, injuries, relationship breakdowns and family and personal wellbeing. And there are hundreds of clubs waiting for a chaplain to join their team. SCA volunteers are given extensive training to face any situation with grace and provide stability when everything’s falling apart.

Sports chaplains invest in their clubs in a number of ways:

  • Club-wide pastoral care
  • Personal support and mentoring
  • Suicide awareness
  • Crisis management and recovery services
  • Home and hospital visitations
  • Grief, loss and bereavement care
  • Family care and support
  • Marriage and relationship preparation and care
  • Debriefing delivery
  • Referral support

What makes a great lifesaving chaplain?

LSCA chaplains are caring and authentic Christian people who are:

  • Accredited and trained sports chaplains
  • Involved in ministry at their local church; either in a paid or lay capacity
  • Bound by a professional Code of Conduct
  • Part of a national umbrella network providing support and quality assurance

As an LSCA chaplain, you’ll be backed by an extensive network of people ready to invest in you as well. And you’ll have access to trusted training and support to protect your wellbeing and ensure you’re performing at your peak.

If you have what it takes to provide this kind of care in a sporting environment, please get in touch with us today and make your first steps towards joining a new club.

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