LSCA attends inaugural Sports Chaplaincy International event

Terry Legg, Chaplain and founder of LSCA was invited to the inaugural conference and training for Sports Chaplaincy International, held in Hong Kong. The conference was a chance for leaders to gather and discuss Sports Chaplaincy in their countries. Attendees were Bruce Nadin – South Africa, Richard Gamble – Great Britain, Ross Georgiou – New Zealand, Reid Lamprey – USA, Andy Alcoba -Philippines and Macau, Peter Jung – Hong Kong, Hannah Johnston and Cam Butler – Australia and representatives from Malaysia, Vietnam and Korea.


The conference also included training for new Chaplain’s by SCA’s Steven Stubbings.


“I told my wife and she immediately said you have to go and in these instances she is usually right.  We were financially strapped as we are going to the world championships in Holland.  I asked our sending church and they said no problems.  I felt as if I had received wild card in the open iron man event. I was so blessed to be there and hear what was going on around the world. It has given me a huge platform from which to work.  So much blessing.” Terry Legg.

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