Our Life Saving Chaplaincy Board Secretary is off to Africa!

We’d like to invite you to be part of an exciting mission we’ve been fortunate enough to be involved in with our local Church, the Southport Church of Christ (SCC).

We’re off to build houses for orphans.

SCC, working together with the Watoto Child Care Ministry, has invited it’s congregation to be part of a mission to Uganda this year.

Watoto is an organisation that is based in Uganda and was founded by Gary and Marilyn Skinner in 1994. Its program is targeted towards responding to the country’s orphan crisis as a result of civil war and the AIDS epidemic facing that region of the world. Watoto aims to help the orphaned children become the next generation of leaders of that country by taking care of them, right from childhood, to young adulthood.

Unlike some other organisations that have come (and gone) to help the situation in Uganda, Watoto has remained and is now thought of highly by those in the Ugandan government. Watoto invites people from around the world to help rebuild townships and create communities that will train the children academically and spiritually with the hope that it will give a lasting impact on the future of Uganda and the African continent.

Watoto is a charity and one of its aims is to build houses and to provide care for these children. Obviously, this costs money, and unlike Australia, there is no government handout for those in need to provide them the necessities of life such as food, clothing, shelter and education. Because our mission is concentrating on building houses for these children, our aim is to raise funds to give to Watoto for the materials we would use to construct the houses.

Our team’s target is to raise $80,000.00 over the next few months before we leave in late November 2012. Our mission will be over 2 weeks where we will build the 2 houses and visit orphaned children.

We are very excited to be a part of this mission and thank God for giving us the opportunity to spread his love to these people in need. We hope you can support us by making a donation. We have to fund our own travel and living expenses, so please know that your donation will go directly to the cost of materials to build the houses and give hope to the future of Uganda – the children who need us to help them.

The bank account details to donate to the funds for building the houses are:

Bank:                 ANZ

A/C name:        Watoto Trust A/C

BSB no:            014254

A/C no:              491270936

All donations MUST have the reference SWT2012

Email Peter (our Team Leader) with confirmation of the donation to ensure a receipt is sent to you.

Peter Harris; pjh@ami-mortgage.net

To find out any more information about Watoto and the great work they are doing, go to: www.watoto.com

Watoto also promotes their vision via the Watoto Children’s Choir and they have visited Australia over the years. They will be visiting us again on Saturday 16th June and we would like to invite you come to their concert at the Church and see what giving hope to these children can bring.

Thank you and may God bless our journey.

Wayne and Ann

LSCA Site Administrator