Bryan Wiseman, one year on.


Bryan started as Chaplain back in March 2021, after answering the call from his pastor. Redcliffe Peninsula SLSC had approached LSCA requesting a chaplain. So, we did what we always do and contacted the local churches. Bryan’s pastor knew exactly who would make a great chaplain. When Bryan was asked, he jumped at the chance to love his community. Him and his wife would often walk past the club on their beach walks. 

Bryan completed the training, was accepted by the club and ready to go. But like a lot of our Chaplains when they first go into a new club, members are a little unsure who they are and what their purpose is, so they can feel a little purposeless.

But encourage to just be present, Bryan was there to help wherever he could. He would get down to the club on Sunday mornings early to help set up for Nippers and then spend the rest of the time with the parents of the 285 kids enrolled in the program. Bryan notice how well he was being received and would get a friendly greeting wherever he went. 

He started to find he was getting plenty of opportunities to talk about spiritual matters but not at a deep level and now has some business cards printed that are kept on the food service counter, so everyone can find him. Back in Nov he received his first referral to help support a club member.  

Bryan now has his Observers, First Aid and Radio Awards and tries to get along to the Saturday afternoon patrol to spend some time with them. He has now been given his patrol uniform, which he considers a great honour.

Once again Bryan was called on by the club as they had their first fatality on Suttons Beach which the club patrol. Bryan was able to spend some time de-briefing the two patrol members involved and has since followed up with these members. 

One year in, Bryan is seeing the fruits of his time as Chaplain. We are not their “bible bash” just love and be part of the lifesaving family, which Bryan is well and truly a part of.


L-R: Brian Roselt -Patrol Captain, Kimberley Clements, Nathan Gurney, Denis Sletcher & Terry Lowe – President.

The club asked Bryan if he would put an item in the Nipper Newsletter about Chaplaincy. Below is the article.

Meet Bryan Wiseman, our Life Saving Chaplain.

Life Saving Chaplaincy Australia are a proud and loyal part of the surf lifesaving movement, helping to provide pastoral care, support and comfort for all lifesavers and club members. They endeavour to respond to each person’s needs, encouraging sustained wellbeing for all, regardless of age or culture.

Since joining this season, Bryan has become a valued member of our club. You’ll see him on Sundays helping to set up the beach for Nippers and chatting to members throughout the morning. 

Bryan is also available to support any club members and their families through such times as:-
Rescue and patrol activities
Grief and loss
Trauma / sickness
Ethical questions
Home and personal issues
Facilitate and commemorate milestones in member’s lives
Married to Carolynn for over 46 years, Bryan has two adult children and is loving being part of our club:

“We are so impressed by surf lifesaving and the wonderful volunteer culture that not only provides a healthy family experience but literally saves lives. Redcliffe wouldn’t be the same without it. I look forward to being part of the club over the next three years and getting to know everybody better and serving you all.”

Any members who would like to talk to Bryan, his business cards are available from our canteen front counter.

All Life Saving Chaplains are club members, trained and accredited by Sport Chaplaincy Australia.

See you on the beach! 

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Bryan Wiseman, one year on.

Posted on 9/03/2022
Bryan started as Chaplain back in March 2021, after answering the call from his pastor. Redcliffe Peninsula...