Level 1 Training

Our Level 1 Training is a 2 hour presentation designed to give an introduction to sports chaplaincy as a way of serving the sports community. Participants are encouraged to identify whether community chaplaincy is an appropriate opportunity for them.


  • The background of sports chaplaincy in Australia
  • The need and the opportunity around sports chaplaincy
  • Pastoral care as the central idea
  • Sport, SCA and your church
  • Effective principles and practice of sports chaplaincy
  • Starting out, and accreditation

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Online Level 1 Training

We run regular Level 1 courses online. There is small fee to register, and an opportunity to contribute to the growth of sports chaplaincy by sponsoring the training for others.

Training for your church

We are always happy to discuss presenting our Level 1 Training in situ to any of our existing and prospective partner churches.
You can also arrange an online session specifically for your church community.
Contact one of our regional coordinators.

Upcoming Level 1 Training Opportunities

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Level 1 Training - Online (29 November 2021)
SCA's 2 hour Basic Training in preparation for sports chaplaincy. Presented by Tim Nitschke, one of SCA's Regional VIC Hub Coordinators. Monday evening, 7pm to 9pm (AEDT).

When: November 29, 2021

Stories of Impact

Tasmania’s first Life Saving Chaplain.

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After several trips to the Apple Isle, we are happy to report that we now have 4 lifesaving clubs that have accepted...