Tasmania’s first Life Saving Chaplain.


After several trips to the Apple Isle, we are happy to report that we now have 4 lifesaving clubs that have accepted Chaplaincy and now have a chaplain.

The journey started with an invitation by Lifesaving Tasmania to present Lifesaving Chaplaincy at their annual conference in 2019. Then continuing in Feb 2020, with Russ travelling around and connecting with clubs and church leaders, just as Covid was starting. With a 3rd trip in Jan 2021 and the final trip in Oct 2021 to train our 4 new Chaplains.

We are very excited to introduce:

  • Melanie Norton at Scamander SLSC
  • Alana de Bruyn for Penguin SLSC
  • Todd Sargison for SLSTas Head Office
  • Dave Horne for Carlton Park SLSC.

Russ headed to the centre of Tasmania, Campbell Town where our four new Chaplains came together to meet and complete their Certificate 2 in Sports Chaplaincy. They were also joined by Karen, who is going to be a Chaplain with SCA.


From left: Alana, Karen, Dave, Russ, Melanie and Todd

While in Tasmania, Russ was asked to present to the Tasmanian clubs a session on Accidental Chaplaincy, which was facilitated by SLSTas. We also want to give a big shout out to Andrew and Tassie head office who kindly offered to help pay for one night’s accommodation for the participants from the lifesaving clubs. Most of them had to travel between 1-2 hours to attend the training. Thank You. We were also very blessed to have the financial support from the Tasmanian Christian Fund, thru one of their grants. This allowed for Russ to travel to and around Tasmania talking to clubs and churches regarding Chaplaincy.  


Melanie, our 1st Chaplain officially appointed to a club in Tasmania, has already been very active, along with her trusty companion K9 Chappy Holly. Melanie joined her club as they officially opened the new Amenities Block.

Pictured from Left: Melanie Norton and Holly, Andrew MacGregor, Break O' Day Council Mayor, Mick Tucker, Chris Cumming, Randle Attard (Club President), Dominic Cumming, Sally Attard and Emma Attard (kneeling in front)

We look forward to introducing you the rest of our Tassie Chappies and new ones as more clubs see the value of what a volunteer Chaplain can bring to their club


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Tasmania’s first Life Saving Chaplain.

Posted on 17/11/2021
After several trips to the Apple Isle, we are happy to report that we now have 4 lifesaving clubs that have accepted...