Make a new level of investment into your club’s family

Chaplains provide you with a wide range of benefits:

  • A private, safe and listening ear for members going through tough times
  • Strategies to care for your members, including suicide awareness
  • Help as first-responders to critical incidents and traumas
  • A go-to person when your club has relational issues
  • A trusted member of the local club or sports community
  • Get in touch to find your club’s new chaplain

    You can help ensure that the lifesavers, support staff, and other members of your club family are given the personal investment they need to perform at their best on and off the beach.

    If you want to empower the people of your club by appointing a new chaplain, get in touch using the form below.

    Please provide your club's name and location, and your best phone contact details, in the message section of the email. We look forward to being in touch!

    Request a Chaplain

    Stories of Impact

    The Lakes SLSC, NSW welcomes Sonya Cavanough as their Chaplain.

    Posted on 13/03/2023
    In his 10th year as Club President, Sean had asked us several years ago to help find the club a...