Can We Assist with Your Enquiry?

Our team is committed to helping grow healthy, thriving sports communities around Australia. Please let us know how we can help you or your sport.

If you call our national number 1300 518 058 you will be directed to a person in your state or region who will help you.

We have had a critical incident and we need support

LSCA can provide critical incident support to sporting communities. If you are new to this service, then call 1300 518 058 and we'll work out how best we can support you.

We'd like to get a chaplain at our club

Complete the Request a Chaplain form, email your local Regional Coordinator, or call our national number 1300 518 058.

I am interested in becoming a chaplain

Contact your local Regional Coordinator, or call 1300 518 058. We encourage you to attend one of our online Level 1 Introduction to Sports Chaplaincy training courses. See Become a Chaplain for more information about our requirements.

Who can I contact regarding training?

If you would like to know more about training or you are interested in running a training event in your area please contact us at [email protected]. You can find further information by going to Training

I want to make a complaint or raise a concern around integrity

We have an Integrity Committee to receive and respond to any concerns around the integrity and behaviour of our chaplains or staff. You can access further information, including our Code of Conduct and a report form, by going to Integrity and Reporting.

LSCA Head Office

Gold Coast, QLD, 4218, Australia

Life Saving Chaplaincy Australia
Russ Harmon
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General Enquiries - 1300 518 058
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Michael Pailthorpe

Church Engagement
Steve Stubbings
[email protected]

Chaplaincy Accreditation
Liz Cummins / Kerrie Reeves
[email protected]

Chaplaincy Training
Liz Cummins / Steve Stubbings
[email protected]

Sports Engagement
Alison Whorlow
[email protected]

Tony Donaldson / Lundi Koen
[email protected]

Banking & Business Details

Banking Details
Cheques: Make payable to ‘Sports Chaplaincy Australia Inc.’
Direct Deposit: Sports Chaplaincy Australia Inc – Westpac – BSB 033009 – Account 631643

Australian Business Registry Details
ABN: 80 085 483 923  ARBN: 085 483 923
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Stories of Impact

Bryan Wiseman, one year on.

Posted on 9/03/2022
Bryan started as Chaplain back in March 2021, after answering the call from his pastor. Redcliffe Peninsula...